Soulstice... What We're All About! September 07 2015

Here are a few questions we've been asked recently by our new & established customers, hope this helps answer many of them!

Is my Soulstice Membership good at both locations?

Yes, absolutely!  Whether you sign up in Santa Rosa or Sausalito, you're welcome to visit and use your Membership at either location interchangeably.

I'm not a Member yet, but I'm curious...  How does it work?

Soulstice Membership is a fantastic way to receive all the benefits of massage on a regular basis at an affordable price.  Plus, it's as easy as pie!  Please click on the "Membership" tab above to learn more...  You may become a Member online, or in person while visiting us at the spa. 

I'm new to Soulstice?  What are you guys all about?

We offer customized, quality massage therapy and bodywork at affordable, accessible prices.  We're passionate about massage and its amazing and many healthy benefits for the body, mind and spirit.  Our therapists are talented, skillful, diverse and kind.  Whether you're recovering from a rotator cuff injury, had a stressful week at work or going through a challenging time in your personal life, we are here to care.  Our hope is that your visit with us will be a consistently safe, warm and loving place where you're encouraged to be yourself, relax, unwind, laugh, heal and leave your troubles behind for awhile.

Do you provide facials, nail services or anything else?

Now that we've been at this for a few years, we're convinced more than ever that massage & bodywork is the heart of what we're about.  We want to focus on the inside - on your heart and soul - and believe that we can best serve our community and customers by staying true to the heart of our purpose.  We purposely don't have a complicated menu of services because we customize every massage for each of you;  no cookie cutter massages here! 

Let's face it, life is complicated enough.  We want to be one place you can always come - no matter what curves life may throw at you - and receive genuine care, kindness, good vibes... and a terrific massage.  Whether you're celebrating the highs, or need support through life's challenges, we are here to help and care the best we can through the healing power of touch.