It's Not Easy Being Green. July 30 2013

Thinking about getting your first massage?  Or maybe you've only had a handful, or one back on that honeymoon in 1989.  Fear not, we therapists love working with you newbies and our friendly staff is here to help every step of the way.

There are a great many types of massage therapy - Swedish, deep tissue, Shiatsu - and some have some pretty weird names... it can be confusing!  A great place to begin is to let the receptionist know the following:

1/ Pressure:  When a loved one gives you a shoulder rub, do you tend to like a gentle, nurturing touch, or do you prefer a firm to deep pressure? 

2/ Problem spots:  If you're experiencing occasional or chronic pain in a specific area, that is great info to let us know.  For example, frequent headaches, neck pain, overall aches and pains or sciatica are all common complaints that will help us match you with your therapist.

3/ Concerns or questions: Will I get completely undressed? Will my therapist be male or female?  Will the massage be painful?  Let us put your mind at ease by answering your questions or concerns over the phone.

If you're relatively new to massage don't be afraid to let the receptionist know that at the outset - we're here to help!  Don't be shy about communicating to your therapist what you like or don't like, if the pressure is too light or deep, or if you're too hot or cold.  Finally, keep an open mind - there are many types of massage, so if you're not crazy about the first one you received back on that honeymoon, don't give up!   Once you get comfortable and matched with the perfect therapist, you'll get the hang of it and begin to experience massage's many amazing benefits.