Benefits of Regular Massage August 06 2013

Many people initially come to massage for a specific injury or problem area...  A sore back, chronically tight shoulders or the zinging pain of sciatica.  Massage therapy can be very effective for all these issues, but it isn't until you begin receiving regular massages that you'll experience the many other amazing benefits. 

Physically, massage enhances circulation, eases digestion, improves range of motion and relaxes tight muscles.  It can help improve posture, prevent and ease chronic overuse conditions and enhance flexibility.  You will feel lighter and more "at home" in your body after a great massage.  Mentally, massage lowers stress, relaxes the nervous system and mind and gives you a moment's pause in our fast-paced and overstimulated world.  Many health conditions are brought on by stress, and controlling stress levels will go a long way toward disease prevention and enhancing your overall health.

Regular massage feeds a healthy habit cycle... When you feel great, you naturally want to exercise more.  When you exercise more, you sleep better.  And when you sleep better, you're more likely to reach for nutritious foods rather than the quick fixes of sugar and caffeine.  You may be surprised at the wide-ranging impact massage can have on your well-being and health.  For less than $2 per day, you can incorporate massage therapy into your life on a regular basis --- come visit us at the spa and ask about our Wellness Memberships!