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A Note from Our Founder February 13 2014

If you've visited us at Soulstice Spa, you can probably tell that we love what we do!  With over a dozen talented, diverse massage therapists, our goal is to provide you with caring and friendly service, a warm and comforting setting and - most of all - an amazing massage.  Through our Wellness Membership Program, we strive to make massage therapy affordable to everyone.  At just $2/per day - less than the cost of a cup of coffee! - you receive a world-class monthly massage as well as other member perks.
A big heartfelt "thank you" goes to all of you, who have so warmly embraced us as we opened and grew, and who presently trust us to care and partner with you in your health & well-being.  Massage Therapy has so many physical, mental and spiritual benefits, and we're truly honored to get to know all of our many Members and customers.  We appreciate that all of you come to visit us for different reasons.  Some of you wish to relieve physical aches and pains, a sports injury, or a chronic condition.  Others are taking care of elderly parents, going through cancer treatment, coming through a divorce or dealing with significant work stress.  We've worked with some of you throughout your pregnancy and welcomed a new baby, or grieved through the loss of a loved one.  We are here to help however we can, to care, to relieve stress in your body and mind, and be a comforting place you always look forward to visiting.  It's why we do what we do! 
If you haven't visited us at Soulstice Spa yet, you may wonder how we're different than the spa franchises and chains out there... 
1/ We are a female-owned, locally-based company here in Sonoma County.  We create jobs, pay taxes and keep money in our state and local community.  We *love* seeing familiar faces and hope to be a place you always look forward to visiting...whether it's once a week, each and every month or a few times each year.
2/ Our owner & founder, Kayse Gehret, is a massage therapist with an international clientele, passion for the industry and dedication to her craft and colleagues.  These folks own Massage Envy
3/ Tired of heavy-handed sales tactics, lengthy legal contracts and remote service?  So are we!  We treat our customers the way we would love to be treated by the companies we deal with, and pride ourselves on being straightforward, accessible and uncomplicated.  Our Membership is designed to make the healthy practice of regular massage therapy easy, fun, affordable and something you look forward to every month! 
4/ We provide massage therapy customized to each and every client, and encourage our gifted staff to be themselves and express their training and talent.  Massage is equal parts art and science, anatomy and intuition.  We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all standardized massage experience.  Your massage should be as unique as you are!
5/ We love massage and believe it can be an amazing preventative health practice, a powerful stress-reducer, an ally for your well-being and, sometimes, a truly life-changing experience.  We're grateful to practice in such a beautiful part of the world and share it with all of you.
A huge thanks to so many of you who have referred in your friends, family and colleagues; it's the greatest compliment we can receive!   Thanks too for taking the time to review us on sites such as Facebook, Tripadvisor, Google and Yelp.  We appreciate organizations like GoLocal, Sonoma County Tourism, the Santa Rosa Farmer's Market and the Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce, who do so much to shine a light on local businesses like ours.  We've loved getting to know and caring for all of you over the last year and a half, and we look forward to seeing you soon.  
Happy Valentine's Day from all of us at Soulstice!