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Re-boot Your Resolutions with Reps! February 21 2014

We're very excited to introduce you to our new neighbors... Cindi Jack and Julia Page at Reps - personal and group fitness instructors - and thrilled to offer an upcoming promotion with them next month --- keep an eye out for their special offer for Soulstice Spa customers in our March Newsletter.  Cindi is our guest blogger, and shares that it's never too late to keep or begin healthy resolutions.  The next time you visit the spa, stop by and say hello to Cindi and Julia... just a few steps away.  We're very happy to welcome them to our community!
"Eight weeks into the New Year and 64% of us who declared our 2014 resolutions have already quit.  By the end of the year only 8% of us will succeed in achieving our resolutions.  Why do we make resolutions if we know we cannot keep them?  Most of us are fueled by the desire to better ourselves and our desire to succeed on January 1 overpowers any thoughts of failure.  So how do we keep that desire moving forward through the remainder of the year?  Here are a few tips:
1. We should not start from the perspective that something is wrong that needs to be fixed.  We need to start from a place of self-love and figure out why we continue with the behavior we are trying to improve.   One of our favorite mottos at Reps is:  “Train because you love your body, not because you hate it.”
2. We need to take time to understand the “why” behind our actions.  Are we driven to a certain behavior due to anxiety relief, stress or boredom?  If we figure out what is behind the behavior we have a greater chance of changing it.
3. We need to set realistic goals. We need to ask ourselves, “why do I want to meet the goal and how  am I going to get there?” For example: I want to lose twenty pounds because I want to see definition in my arms again.  I want to improve my blood pressure readings.  I want to feel confident in myself when I walk into a room.
4. We need to set ourselves up for success not failure.  We need to challenge ourselves, but make sure our goals are attainable within our lifestyles.  No-one will put serious effort into achieving a goal that we truly believe is unrealistic.  We need to create some short-term goals with-in the long-term plan so we can measure our accomplishments along the way.
5. We need to take the time to acknowledge our achievements.  Be proud of whatever the accomplishment.  We can and should reward ourselves along the way…a massage at Soulstice Spa, a new workout outfit for the gym, a pedicure…
6. We all experience setbacks and loss of motivation.  Learn to take every day one day at a time, some days will be good and some days not so good.  Life is a Journey.  It can be tough, setbacks are bound to happen, but take a long term view.  Be patient.  Embrace the struggle.  Perseverance matters.
Sticking to our New Year’s Resolutions is challenging but keep these 6 thoughts in mind and in place of New Year’s Resolutions, let’s declare realistic and attainable Year Round Resolutions instead!"