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Curious About Cross-Fit? March 07 2014

Chances are you may have heard of CrossFit, an exciting new fitness trend sweeping the country.  Our friends at CrossFit Northgate in downtown Santa Rosa have generously offered a complimentary fitness evaluation to our customers at Soulstice Spa.  Below, founders Shannon Vandewalle and Ryan Parker answer some frequently asked questions about CrossFit...  Read on, and check them out online HERE.  They have a great community of wonderful people, and we encourage you to check them out!


1/  What is Cross-Fit?   Do I already need to be in great shape to do it?

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program performed in a dynamic group atmosphere.  You do not need to be in great shape to do it, you just need to have the motivation and commitment to be there.  CrossFit North Gate caters to all fitness levels, from beginners to high level athletes.

 2/  I'm interested in losing weight.  Will I lose weight doing Cross-Fit? 

CrossFit is not a “quick fix” to losing weight.  However, with a commitment to a consistent fitness program and good nutrition, weight loss is imminent.  We like to think of CrossFit as a “healthy way of life”. 

3/  I'm a runner and afraid of bulking up from lifting weights.  Is Cross-Fit a good fit for me? 

Endurance athletes, especially runners, will benefit significantly from our strength and conditioning program. We focus heavily on proper movement, technique work and mobility work. “Bulking up” should not be a concern.

 4/  How many days a week should I do Cross-Fit for best results?

We recommend 3-4 times per week.

 5/  I play other sports such as cycling, golf, going to the gym... Can I also do Cross-Fit along with my other activities?

Yes, Crossfit is a great compliment to any sport. We provide customized programming for our members to ensure they are getting what they need to accomplish their fitness goals. We also offer personal training.

 6/  I'm a woman and have never worked out at a "gym."  Do other women work-out at Cross-Fit?  

Yes, our membership is approximately 50/50 (men/women).

 7/  Will I be working out alone or with a group?   Can I work out with a friend?

The majority of our members attend our group classes.  We encourage working out with a friend and its likely you will make a bunch of new friends as well!