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Vibrant Health! - Detox & Cleanse November 01 2013


With leftover Halloween treats upon us and the holidays coming up, many of us over-indulge in tasty sweets, warm baked goods and seasonal cocktails (eggnog, anyone?)   We all look forward to Thanksgiving pie... Christmas cookies... and holiday cocktail parties.  Unfortunately indulging over the next couple months can lead to unwanted weight gain, a compromised immune system and a feeling of lethargy and sluggishness.  It's very possible to enjoy the holiday spirit - as well as seasonal yumminess! - and stay healthy & vibrant.  Moderation and mindfulness is the key!

The beginning of November and the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving are a wonderful time to detox and cleanse the body through diet and massage.  Heading into the holidays feeling great will help keep you motivated to reach for the fruit plate and skip the pecan pie! 

You may opt for a Whole Food Cleanse or a Juice Cleanse.  If you're new to cleansing, we recommend a Whole Food Cleanse that incorporates fresh juice.  A pure juice-only cleanse is best for those who have done cleanses before...  And a pure juice cleanse is often easier for the body to adapt to in the warmer months of spring or summer.  Now, in the cooler months of autumn, a whole food cleanse will detoxify your body while sustaining your energy and metabolism.

Set aside ten days for your cleanse, during which time you will eliminate all of the following foods from your diet:

1/ Bread and wheat products

2/ Sugar, and foods containing any sugar

3/ Alcohol

4/ Coffee (if you can function without it! - if not try to limit yourself to one small cup in the morning)

5/ Processed foods - anything in a box or a can

6/ Dairy products, cheese, yogurt

7/ Frozen foods

8/ Fast food

9/ Fried food

10/ Cookies, candy and other sweets - if you have a major sweet tooth, try fruit instead!

Ok, so what does this leave for me to eat, you might ask? :)    ....Lots!

1/ Fruits - especially apples, figs, dates, raisins, pears and fruits that are in season

2/ Vegetables - unlimited, preferably raw or steamed

3/ Lean protein and seafood, preferably steamed

4/ Nuts, especially walnuts and almonds and nut butters

5/ Beans and lentils

6/ Brown rice

7/ Wild salmon

8/ Salads - have a big, leafy-green salad at least once every day of your cleanse

9/ Veggie and fruit juice - especially green juice, carrots, ginger and beets

Begin each day of your cleanse with a large glass of pure, filtered room-temperature water with fresh-squeezed lemon.  In the course of each day, drink your weight in ounces of plain or lemon-infused water.  (Yes, this is a lot of water!, but remember that the goal of the cleanse is to detoxify the body and water will help flush toxins.)  If you get hungry or cranky - common in the first couple days but will usually subside by the third day - snack on an apple, raisins or some nuts. 

If you have trouble falling asleep during the first couple nights of your cleanse, have some sliced apple with almond butter or some raw cashews to sate your appetite.  By the third night you should fall asleep peacefully and be amazed by how deeply you sleep without alcohol, sugar and caffeine in your system.  After ten days you will feel amazing, your skin will be glowing and your eyes will be bright and shining.  Feeling great, you'll head into the holidays strong and vital and better able to make healthy food & lifestyle choices.  Give a cleanse a try - your body will thank you!